MARS Training Academy has been founded by a team of certified and highly skilled trainers and professionals with a vast experience in diversified work environments, with the objective of providing world class training to Corporate and Educational institutions. It has been founded with a vision to educate, train and transform individuals and organizations effectively so that they can step forward and contribute in nation building

We recognize our responsibility as a learning and development partner. We strongly believe that the core objective of training workshops is not to provide entertainment but to impart a lasting effect on the participants in order to empower them to lead a highly successful and fulfilling life so that they become catalysts for positive change in the community and add value to the area of their activity.

We specialize in providing training programs to Corporates and Educational Institutions in different soft skills under the broad ambit of ‘Personal Development’. Some of our specialized programmes are: Development of Leadership Skills, Motivation, Stress Management, Time Management, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Development of Success Mindset, Happy Mindset and Positive Attitude. We also provide Career Counselling Guidance.